How far would you walk to get to a healthy church? If you responded 3 miles, Super! You are willing to do what most of our friends in the Ivory Coast, West Africa do. What about 5 miles? What about 9 miles to arrive?

We work through Africa Tabernacle Evangelism (ATE) at Assemblies of God World Missions (AGWM) to partner with American churches and African churches in constructing permanent structures for growing congregations. Our goal is to plant a healthy church within walking distance of every person on the continent of Africa. The method is this; partner with the church where it is strong, nurture the church where it is developing and plant the church where it does not yet exist.

Kevin Thompson

2015 was a real 180° turn around period in my life. While in the Teen Challenge rehabilitation program God led me to Africa. I discovered that Christians are being killed and put in prison in the 10° 40° region of the world, where it is most difficult for Christians to live and share their faith. “Who will replace them?”

I know that my purpose is to serve God to the best of my ability. Currently I am an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God in North Carolina. I live in The Ivory Coast, West Africa working with Africa Tabernacle Evangelism.

Moriah Thompson

I experienced life changing intervention at age 22. One Sunday morning the Holy Spirit opened my understanding as to why Jesus died and rose for me. Not long after that, still feeling burdened by the pressures of life I seriously contemplated ending my own, but God intervened again by speaking to me, “but I love you.” Then, the final push that convinced me to live for Jesus was a supernatural encounter in which He took away my taste for cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana.

I know my purpose is to share God’s redemptive power and love one person at a time.

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Africa Tabernacle Evangelism

We work with Africa Tabernacle Evangelism (ATE) to help local congregations build churches in strategic locations.

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