Public School Outreach

Left to Right: The mission team preforming a skit in the class with a biblical theme, middle school students holding up their free gifts, school yard presentation.

On the worksite

Left to Right: Putting roof on 2 schools in Kramoa, father & daughter team building a tabernacle, smiling women bringing lunch after a tabernacle build. It might be rice and sauce.

Last of Day of Lamaplu Tabernacle Construction

A picture with all the women and some children that we were with in the village during the final day of tabernacle construction. (This was a slightly longer one to allow room for a pastor’s parsonage)

Church’s Outreaches

Left to Right: Children’s ministry leader sharing a teaching and singing at a celebration at an Orphanage, night time showing of animated life of Jesus film after door-to-door evangelism and invites, training on setting up water filters and explaining system for future distributions.

Tabernacles In Use

Left to right: Sunday morning service in a church who has newly plastered the walls, thumbs up from project Eau Vive trainers who use the church as a base for outreach, Sunday morning from behind the stage of a church with a newly tiled floor.

…Fancy places, food, animals, friends, Ivorian clothes, Kev & Mo, kids, short term team’s activities…

What else do you want to see?

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